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  1. I am not an Episcopalian. I am a Presbyterian ( was an elder in Ft.Lauderdale) but when we first came here, 16 years ago, looking for a church , we went to your wonderful, sweet little church and loved it; however, we are not familiar with the liturgy and did not know when to kneel, etc. We haven’t been back but I think of your often. I am going to donate $500 to you because I think you must need support and I want to help you stay a vital part of the community. Also, I do not know if you have a library but I have at least 50 almost new books to donate and a number of them are Christian books or books about faith. For example, I have George Bush’s book and Jimmy Carter’s book, etc. about their faith. Would you like to have any of them? When I was in your church, I felt the faith of those early “pilgrims” who obviously loved God and were so determined to worship together. and I love that you have never forgotten them.
    Very cordially,
    Carol M. Anderson

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