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Bible Study at Holy Trinity


Lifelong Journey 

At Holy Trinity, we understand that “walking the walk” is a lifelong journey of exploration and discovery. Worship lies at the core of feeding and supporting us in that journey. Additionally, the opportunity to learn and share in a supportive, prayerful environment with the companionship and guidance of one another is helpful and necessary. From our offerings, including an Adult Sunday Forum, Wednesday Bible Study, and Episcopal 101, all complemented by various ECW and Men’s Group enrichment programs, and we hope you’ll find something to whet your curiosity and journey in faith.

Sunday Adult Christian Education


Each Sunday between services from 9:30-10:15 am a drop-in Adult Christian Education program is offered.  The engaging 45-minute sessions vary in topic and offer a brief video/overview and presentation, followed by lively discussion and sharing among those in attendance.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend! Join us in Grace Chapel (adjacent to the Church Office) and feel free to bring your coffee/tea and goodies from Fellowship Hour. During Advent 2019, we are exploring the life of Jesus through the eyes of his mother, Mary: “Not a Silent Night”, presented by parishioner Annette Freeman.  Topics offered during the past year included a study of the Parables, a Lenten series on Prayer, a study of the World’s Major Practicing Religions, popular Protestant Religions, a study of the Apostles Creed, and Which Way Lord? (Exploring Your Life’s Purpose).

Wednesday Bible Study

Led by the Rev. Dr. Janice Gordon-Barnes, our drop-in Bible Study group meets Wednesdays from 10am– 11am in Grace Chapel (adjacent to the Church Office) from January 8th through Easter.  Afterwards, there is a break of several weeks and study resumes through May. After a summer break, it resumes in the fall. Please consult the weekly calendar on this website. During December 2019, the group is studying I Corinthians. Thereafter a study of the lessons for the following Sundays is planned. Bring your own Bible - it doesn't matter what version. All are welcome! Please join us.

Episcopal 101

The Episcopal Church and Holy Trinity are both home to many people coming from other faith traditions, or from none at all. Episcopal 101 is a 5-week series designed to tap into the richness of our history, beliefs, and worship traditions as well as unpack some of the ways the Church functions. We have a unique way of valuing scripture, the traditions of the ages, and the reason & experience with which God has gifted each of us.

If you’d like to explore for the first time, or refresh your earlier knowledge, sign up for the next Episcopal 101 series.  The series is required for those not already members of the Episcopal Church who wish to become “registered” members of Holy Trinity parish through confirmation or reception during Bishop Brewers annual visit. Dates for our next series in 2020 will be announced.  Typically, series participants meet in the Parish Hall at 6:00pm on five consecutive Wednesday nights to first share a simple meal and then engage in education/discussion led by our Rector, Fr. Greg.