The Holy Trinity Episcopal School Tutoring Program gives interested adults an opportunity to support a student on a one-on-one basis, typically for one hour a week during the school year.

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What is asked of a tutor?
We ask our tutors to:

  1. Tutor on a weekly basis during the school year, at an appointed time, with a single student.
  2. Assist with such tasks as reading and/or math, homework, class assignments and helping students catch up due to missed days.
  3. Develop an appropriate social connection with the student.
  4. Stay in close contact with the school’s Headmaster and the student’s teachers, to provide feedback concerning academic advancement and continuous improvement.

How does a tutor work with students with learning differences?
When 6th grade students arrive at Holy Trinity Episcopal School, most are one to two years below their grade level in reading and math. The goal is to have students improve their grade levels in math and reading. (We provide appropriate training material for both reading and math.)

How many student(s) do tutors assist?
Most tutors work with one student, although you may choose to work with more than one student. The
Head of School will assess the need.

How much time, per week, is asked?
The school year is 24 weeks (August to May). Tutors are asked to spend one class period (50
minutes) per week for 15 to 17 weeks with their student. The school understands that tutors
may have vacations planned during those weeks and that is understandable and accommodated.

Tutor or Mentor?
Tutors at Holy Trinity may mentor and tutor concurrently. However, some in the tutor program
may choose to mentor, exclusively. In addition to the tutor’s academic role, mentoring involves
developing the student’s life skills, including building self-esteem, time management, critical
thinking, and appropriate social behavior. Training and materials are provided.

How do I become a tutor?

​You begin by completing the volunteer tutor screening process which includes a background check,
fingerprinting, completing the school’s child safety training course, and being interviewed by the
school Headmaster. We will work with you to accomplish this for the upcoming 2022-23 school year. Please contact the School Administrator, Kadie at (352) 787-8855 or to begin the process and for more information. Visit our website!

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