COVID-19 Update

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The following message was sent on March 25 via our Hot line Announcement email:

Dear Parishioners and Friends,

Preparing for Sunday’s Virtual Church Service     

On Sunday, you will be able to participate “virtually” in a Holy
Eucharist Rite II service from Holy Trinity. One or two parishioners
will be assisting me with live streaming (broadcasting online) at
10:30am from the church. The service Bulletin is attached to this
email. Those without home printers (or a second device) may pick up
a paper Bulletin. Peggy has placed them in both Tidings boxes:
directly outside the church office and next to the red church entry

How to View our Service “Live” on Sunday, March 29 th

To attend church virtually on Sunday: just prior to 10:30am, go to our Holy Trinity Facebook page on
your PC, laptop, tablet, or iPhone by clicking here.  This will automatically take you to our Facebook
page. (The page may take a bit longer to load, probably due to increased activity. Please be patient.)
Scroll down past the pictures and you will see a video of the live service start on Sunday at 10:30am.
Please note that you do not need to create a Facebook account, log in, or have your own personal
Facebook page to do this! Facebook is the social media we will be using in the coming weeks to live
stream our worship services and other videos to keep our faith community in fellowship. We will also
continue to use our “hotline” email announcements.

Those of you who are familiar with Facebook:  we suggest that you “Like” our page. When you reach the
Holy Trinity Facebook page, under the banner at the top of the page you will see a button that says
“Like” with a thumbs up hand. Click on that to “Like” our page. Those who do this should receive an
automatic notification that a live post (worship service) has started.

Can I Just View a Video of the Service Afterward?  

Yes! After the service concludes Sunday, we will be sending a “hotline” email to all parishioners
containing a link to the service video. It will contain a video of the entire service as recorded and all one
need do is click and the video will load and play automatically.  Likewise, a copy of the video will reside
on our Facebook page and our website where you can also view it at any time after the service.
We pray that this time of attending services virtually will be short, and that sooner than later, we will all
find ourselves rejoicing together as we worship again in-person.

Please know you may continue to contact me for pastoral care at 574.286.6762 or  Our Pastoral Care Team may be contacted via Mike Browne

Blessings to all. Be well.
Fr. Greg+

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