December Message From Father Wilde


Blessings on all of us in the Holy Trinity family
as we move into “fall.”

Of course, here in Fruitland Park we don’t catch many fall colors. We very seldom have opportunity to see our breath, or to wear plaid wool jackets with fur collars. Some of us travel back North to experience these things
briefly, while others are simply glad to be where it is warm. All of us are different.

I am sure some of you are a little tired of me always speaking negatively about the heat and humidity here in Florida. I will try to tone that down, and it should be easier for me in the coming months. But Patrick’s thorough piece on the physical, structural, and mechanical needs we are facing here at Holy Trinity should be a reminder to all of us that warmth and humidity have their costs as well, and that everything touched by human hands eventually faces its own autumn. We live in a world where things deteriorate, no matter what the environment offers.

Everything needs maintenance; not just buildings, but our bodies, our minds, relationships, and our spiritual lives. As stewardship season begins along with fall, as it does in almost all churches, it is my prayer that
we will all be able to place that need for renewal in perspective. Stewardship boils down to maintenance – maintenance of a different kind, and yet all the maintenance we face in our lives as Christians is related. We are called upon to care, to care for, and to take care of. Let us face together all the things in our lives that need care in this season, so that God’s constant work of renewal will stand out for us everywhere we look.

-Fr. Greg+